Crewmate is an outstaff company that provides tech-savvy talents who quickly integrate.

We create identity that defines attitude.

Crewmate members were seeking a creative and vigorous brand image that might represent the company’s main message.

Our designers did a detailed competitor analysis based on the visual identities to choose the best practices. The second phase was the mind map that enhanced the creation of the concept.

The visuals: creation, enrichment and wideness.

The logo, typography, color palette, and iconography had become the basis for the creation of visuals for social media.

The team had prepared the brand book in two options with the application of the visuals on Facebook and Instagram. The profile packages were also offered in two options.

Collaboration with marketers and our expertise has brought significant conversion to the client.

The last phase of the collaboration was the creation of the landing page with the funnel, that gives the complete information on provided services and shows the benefits to the potential customers.

With the content and structure applied we managed to increase form completion and higher conversion for the product we designed.


Screens created





We applied the best UX practices to create smooth flow and personalize the contact with the site.

Our flow was tested with a wide range of UX instruments to make the user’s experience fast, comfortable, and beneficial.

Crewmate service has been able to find the perfect match for the companies that were looking for remote workers.