Crista – Web3

CRISTA is a cutting-edge NFT marketplace empowering creators.

The design process for the CRISTA
involves best practices of UX, aesthetics, and functionality.

Every step, such as extensive research, user analysis, wire framing, and prototyping has iteratively applied users’ feedback.

The aesthetic elements, such as color schemes and branding, were carefully chosen to reflect the platform’s identity.

This iterative and user-centred design approach guaranteed a well-crafted NFT marketplace that resonates with both creators and collectors.

Colors & gradients, visual appearance of the design.

Colour palette was chosen according to the user’s and market’s expectations on the appearance of NFT market place.

The main accent was put on a vibrant futuristic colours contrasted to profound and dark tones.

The overall aim was to create a calming and immersive user experience that complements the blockchain and digital art themes often associated with NFT marketplaces, increasing user engagement and trust in the platform.

The NFT Marketplace employs a modern and minimalistic typography to convey its brand identity.

The platform uses a sans-serif font for a clean and contemporary look, ensuring readability across various devices and screen sizes.

In general, the font choices enhance the marketplace’s professionalism and user-friendly interface, contributing to a cohesive and engaging visual experience.


Screens created





We’ve applied both creative and practical approaches to create the most contemporaneous NFT market.

As a result CRISTA ensures artists maintain control over their intellectual property, setting specific terms and conditions for usage and resale.

With platform, creators can protect their digital assets and use a seamless and secure ecosystem for artists and collectors, fostering a vibrant and equitable NFT community.