Deliverics is a brand with products made of honey that sells their goods via web site.

The main aim of the collaboration was to build pleasant and smooth storytelling and flow around the selling and buying experiences.

For our team, it is vital to find common ground in the aesthetic vision of the representation of the brand on the web.

For this purpose, the mood board was created to cover all the client’s needs and vision. The second stage of the ideation process was wire framing.

In our work, we include the most detailed version of the user flow to create the full process and take into consideration all possible users’ behaviours.

Logic, story, and content were covered in this phase.The design process covered the preparation of the screens for desktop and mobile devices, which ensured more possibilities for contact with potential users.

Working on this case, we wanted our client to experience the flow and all the functions we designed, so we prepared the prototype, which represents the results of previous phases.

It is important for our studio to deliver the design in a proper and precise way and create solid support in the implementation phase.

Preparing all the materials for developers, we created a systematized UI kit with all the instructions for further work.

We stand for work optimization, so in our project, we applied Bootstrap grids and elements to save the developers’ time on work.


Screens created





We are inspired by the products and ideas of our clients, so we technically support the design in the further phases.

During the development stage, we provided design reviews that helped our client finalize the work and obtain the most attractive result.

Our reviews often include feedback and discussion points to define areas of improvement and strengths of the design.

our clients says

Fortunegraph team has shown strong work, provided regular updates, and finished the project in a timely manner. I would hire them again for similar projects in the future.
E-Commerce design system Shopify

Amiel P.

CEO, Deliverics