EDEN is a complex mobile app based on map usage

EDEN covers all the tourists’ pain points with detailed information on spots, weather, feedback, route builder, and transport usage.

Working on this project, the main aim was to create an easy-to-use mobile app that simplifies travelers’ lives.

For this purpose, the designers conducted research to implement the best practices known to the market.

We designed a seamless experience to get our users closer to the picturesque nature they were looking for.

Our design covers a variety of places worth visiting all over the location, which the users choose.

The design of the app includes an intuitive and comprehensive icon system with wide categorization to display the richness of the chosen location for a discovery.

Wireframes were created with high fidelity to build a seamless user flow, including a wide range of scenarios.

Functionality, fidelity, and proven research data were the solid foundation for further design. At every stage, we practiced clear and thoughtful communication with our client to stay on the same page, taking every step.

We followed Human Interface Guidelines to design an app fully suitable for iOS user that will have the highest level of compatibility with Apple devices.


Screens created





We cultivate the most pleasant attitude in the delivery stage and help to achieve the best results.

The communication helped us prepare the detailed and extended UI Kit that includes all the elements to provide a fast and comfortable user experience and save the client’s time in the development phase.

As a result, the mobile app design was created on time and with full functionality.