Hyperactive Education

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Hyperactive Education is a Ukrainian online school of UI/UX design that guides newcomers through the design world.

Hyperactive Education provides high-quality UI/UX design courses for people interested in web design.

Progressive and experienced designers provide courses, workshops, and mentorship program in the web design sphere for students of all levels.

The school has a mission to make people’s design experiences more convenient and valuable.

We meticulously run the research, which had shown us what features can attract potential students.

The process of site creation started with UX research, including personas and audience segmentation. Those steps were necessary to efficiently define core users and their pain points.

That led to a higher conversion of users from leads to students. The competitors’ and market analysis helped the team choose the features that were the best possible practices. This selection helped to work with the needs and requirements of the users of the website.

Identity is the key that unites team members and students, who share the same aesthetic values.

The same attention was dedicated to the visuals and identity. After creating user flow and wireframes, the mood boards were made so that it was possible to make the design, logos, and branding materials with the purpose of the brand’s promotion via social media.


Screens created





We are helping to create modern and contemporary design community.

Hyperactive Education brand was developed for both students and teachers, creating a sense of unity and belonging within the educational community.