The mobile application that improves the quality 
of sleep and energy recovery.

Memo is a project that is based on the scientific data from psychology and neurobiology fields.

The main aim of the app is to help their users with the quality of sleep and in the form of challenge explain scientific principles of good rest.

During the ideation process we ran fundamental analysis to define the best practices applied in the field of recovery applications.

The visual part is one of the aspects we worked on with strict attention.

Our solution was to build the design on unobtrusive and smooth visuals in a calm and relaxing palette.

An icon pack for the app included digital assets like timing, progress tracking, cycles of sleep, menu icons, and user profile symbols.

These icons would visually represent key functionalities and elements of the platform, enhancing its overall user interface design.


Screens created





Accessibility is the main trait
to make this app sleek and user-friendly.

We wanted to make an app accessible for variety of mobile devices and tablets so we prepared the tailor-made design to enable users’ ability to enjoy the app whenever they feel the need in good recovery.