Moken is a startup that provides communication services based on the financial model that includes cryptocurrency.

Simple organisation and attractive design.

Technically the project was complex and challenging. Our main task was to add visual simplicity and attractiveness to underline the main concept of the product.

The first stage had started from the creation of the landing page, where our designer applied the best structure practices to narrate the main idea of the startup.

We consistently applied all the visual concepts to build the brand identity.

With the design of the landing page, we worked on the visual identity and content of the product for social media and marketing.

We designed content for social pages, email templates, and illustrative materials, which were used in further campaigns.

The next step: intuitive and convenient online platform.

In the further development of the product, we were considering the design of the e-commerce platform with the e-wallet integration that enables a smooth purchase experience.

The best UX practices applied helped our team implement a pleasant flow and include all the possible scenarios to make navigation more convenient.


Screens created





We prioritize delivering precise designs and providing robust support during implementation.

In the final stages, we prepared a detailed UI kit with all the necessary documentation for the developers.

Also, we included the ability to run design reviews and have meetings with developers to create a result that covers the needs and final vision of such a complex product.