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NICKLPASS is a project that offers fast access to the best-paid newsletters on the web.

Our aim was to create a complex solution for an informational product that provides access to the news.

The first request of our client has become a promo website and a browser extension. Also, we created, from scratch, the brand identity that transmits the main messages.

We underlined liability, accessibility, and dynamics as the characteristics of the brand NICKLPASS.

The growth of the product is the result of our design and our main priority.

Firstly, we created fully developed flow for extension. The extension was adapted to desktop and mobile versions.

As far as this implementation gained users’ loyalty, we proceeded to the next step of the creation of service dashboards for desktop and mobile sizes.

We are not only creating products we are creating communities.

The next step of the project was the creation of the reader platform. In this platform we included all the essential functions to boost the readers community.

We created such metrics as article performance in readers and views. We also designed features for communities and groups that engages the readers’ society.


Screens created





We are elevating the projects to the next level.

In the next iteration, the product gained gamification features with its coin, which unlocks premium features.

Also, we proceeded to the next feature, audio integration, which has made the product more dynamic and bigger.

our clients says

Hyperactive team is extremely quick and comes up with great design concepts. They iterate fast and know what a finished product should look like.
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Sumorwuo Z.

CEO & Co-Founder at NicklPass