Reactive Stack

Is an e-learning platform that enables fun and engaging learning process.

The project we created has frequent updates we apply working together with client.

Our team constantly improves the product, adding new features and incorporating user feedback. We strive to make use ´experiences exceptional.

Previously all design process included such phases as Research, UX Design, UI Design, and Development.

We have created accessible platform for all types of devices.

The main commodity of distance learning is the ability to learn everywhere.

The aim of our design work was to create an app and desktop app to cover the maximum possibilities for users to perceive the material comfortably.

A very convenient and intuitive online platform in the desktop version.

The dashboard we designed includes persuasive and clear metrics for students’ progress.

Metrics include the number of finished modules and the daily and weekly progress exposed in hours.

Tabs help new users select courses due to required level of proficiency, duration, and learning area.


Screens created





Customized learning experience: formats and modes.

We created the design for the learning materials in textual and video formats. Also there were designed questionnaire forms and tests to evaluate students’ progress.

All the products were designed in dark mode, as well, to create the most comfortable ambient for every user.